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marble mountains in vietnam. perfect for kids


We are going to Marble Mountain and we got another family coming with us. When we got to marble mountain we chose the stairs to go up and there was a lot of them. We got to temple 12 and there was a pagoda right next to it and we have not seen a pagoda in a long time. Then we went to a place where we could climb a little bit and it was super fun. Then we went to this city underground thing which had a Buddha carved out of its wall. Then we found a great spot to take of the drone so we did and we got some great shots. I had a great time with the Kemps and I wish that they did not leave so we could have fun with them every day.


I think this was my favorite video and excursion day we have done in Hoi An and you want to know why? Because... I GOT TO CLIMB.  Well, I think you knew that. The Kemp family that went with us were really nice, and they were fostering cats from the same litter that we got. Even now if I had a choice, I would actually pick Bobby and Gina out of all the cats.  Anyway, why kids would love to go here is because you can climb and you can get some exercise. If I were going take a trip of a lifetime, I would love to go caving/rappeling in these caves, it looks so exciting.  Each cave had an opening you go down and had a small temple in each them, though you could not go down the opening in the one with the main temple, I think only people that are going to pray can go in this temple.

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