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We are finally filming again! It has been so long since we have filmed a video because my dad was trying to catch up on all the other videos that have not been edited and published. We are in Hoi An and we have been here for like a month and some weeks, so just a couple more weeks.We got KITTY CATS, and I am happy that we got them because I really need some cat time and they are SUPER CUTE. I even got Gina snuggling up with me while I am writing this post. We also got some bikes so we can get around fast and not pay money. It is super fun here in Hoi An because there is a beach super close to our house so we can go swimming a lot. We also got a big package, and we got all kinds of things like paperwhites, DS's and water bottles and Ayden got a camera that he really likes. It is really nice in Hoi An, and we will be doing some more videos here.


Wow! Finally, we filmed a video, it has been like forever, and we have cats now. They are so funny and cute, but they're a pain in the butt sometimes.  Like when they get in the cabinet and when they try to escape by going out the front door but they're so cute, so it's so hard to get mad at them. Yeah, we have been mostly working and chillaxing. We have done some pretty cool stuff, but we have not been filming like the corn festival. You probably don't know what it is, but there is one word that can describe it...corn. Yep, corn was everywhere, and we tried like 7 types of corn, and all of them were really yummy.

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