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We are going to go on another sleeper train, but this time it is from Hanoi to Hoi An. I was super excited to take another sleeper train because in my opinion sleeper trains are WAY WAY better than planes because you get way more space and there are no seat belt signs holding you back from going to the bathroom. The bathroom was way nicer on this train then the Thailand train because it was way bigger and there was a real toilet, and in the Thailand train it was just a hole in the floor. We were super hungry, so we went down to the snack car and got some snacks. Then when we got back to our room we were locked out, so we had to call a train guard I really don't know what it is called, but he had the key, so I guess he it some sort of official guy.


Bye Bye Hanoi :( wow Hanoi was so exciting but so relaxed, and from 1 to 10 in Hanoi, I'll give it a...hmmm A 6473451 YEAH IT WAS SO GOOD. The train we had was my favorite too because we had our own room. The shakiness was not that bad, and the most important thing is that it had hard beds. And don't judge, when you gotta burp, you gotta burp and you know what the loudest burp ever burped is....hmm here it is: Neville Sharp holds the world record for the loudest burp at 109.9 decibels.

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