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halong bay cruise in vietnam. cat ba & monkey island


We are going to Ha Long Bay, and from the videos, we have watched it looks pretty impressive. I really liked the bus we got because it was very good at picking us up and dropping us off. We got on the bus and drove to the dock where the ferry picks us up. What is cool is that the ferry can hold buses, so we got on the same bus when we got to Cat Ba island. We got to our hotel, and it was actually pretty nice. Well, I had an ok sleep that night, but it was not the best. Then we went downstairs to have breakfast and the pancakes were different, but at least they were good. We got picked up in a car to go to the tour boat. We got on, went on top of the boat and enjoyed the view. We did some activities and had lunch then we went to monkey island, but we could not hike up the mountain like the others because we had to leave early to get back in time. This Ha Long Bay tour was pretty fun, and it definitely raised my fun level to 100%.


This day is why my favorite place is Hanoi even though I the life scared out of me by monkeys. That won't bring my day down but the very cramped long bus ride will. Still, though, this day was amazing, and the hotel we got wasn't all that bad because the beds were so comfy. The WiFi was like 15 Mbps. The boat we had was the type of boat I thought we would get on for the trip down the Mekong River in Laos. I don't know if I like that one or the one we had today hmm... let me think.  It's 50/50. Neither one is better. I think dad's editing skills are getting better because the intro was really cool and dad, yesterday I saw you snuggling with the cats

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