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a different world (unedited)a walk down a random alley in hanoi


This is our third day in Hanoi, and I am absolutely loving it. We went out the day before that, and we found this alley, and we should have filmed it, so we came back that day to film it. We got to the alley, and it was so cramped with all the motorbikes coming through. It was a super awesome experience just seeing all the local vendors selling all kinds of things. I would not be surprised if I found a potato chip vendor next to a broccoli vendor. There was also a lot of salon places I have definitely seen that there are more salons when you go to Asia I really wonder why. We found a railroad track to walk down, and I'm pretty sure a train actually comes through there.


This is our second video in Hanoi. Hanoi is honk city. If you're in an Uber, honk honk honk.  Everywhere we go everyone was is going honk honk honk. That is the only reason that Hanoi is terrible because the food is delicious, our hotel is cheap, and it has nice people there. If we stayed there any longer, we would have stayed for a month or two. The little alleyway we went through was how the local people work to get money. They would stay out there all day, and if they didn't sell anything that day, they would still come the next day and go out there and try again.

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