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We are in Hanoi, Vietnam and it is the most honking city in the world, so it was hard to go to sleep. But the place we got is like the best place we have stayed at so far on this trip. When we got to the night market, it was really big, and there was definitely more clothing and stuff like that then there was food. We got some food to eat because we were super hungry and it was super delicious.Then we got some crunchy potato things on a stick, and they were very crunchy. Then we got some juices, and my passion fruit one was refreshing. Then we entered the real party zone, and we got to ride on these hoverboards, and it was super fun. Now I think the Hanoi night market is my favorite night market.


Now this is my favorite hotel, the Tomodachi House. I love it because we got our little our own room with our own beds, so no fights. Also,  we got to get our own tv, and they gave us free breakfast every day. In the breakfast area, there are two computers so every night we go down there and play games with them and watch YouTube. The WiFi is like 30mbps, so that is why I like it so much.  The night market was my favorite too because it is so spacious you can actually move like three steps before getting stopped by a group of people. You can even walk 20 steps before you have to go around or go through a crowd. Dad, you can't even land a front flip on a trampoline how do you do a backflip on the ground I can't even do that.

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