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sleeper train. bangkok to chiang mai


Yay! We are on a train again, but this time it is to Chiang Mai. We waited so long to get on the train, but we are finally on. The train was not as good as the other train because it had less space on the benches, so we had to sit up the whole time until the beds were made. The bathroom was so weird because you just pee right on to the tracks. Well, when my bed got made it was exactly the same as the other train, so my sleep was the same. The breakfast was about the same too. When we arrived in Chiang Mai, I felt it was a good place for us but you didn't see us arrive at the train station.


In my opinion, I really liked Bangkok. Getting a guide was so cool because you learn so much from it. I hope we can do it again. Oh yeah, I am pretty sure that we are getting a guide on the EBC, so that would be a lot of fun. The EBC is the Everest Base Camp trek.   The train to Chang Mai was my least favorite train. The first one we did was way more spacious than this one.  My favorite train ride is coming in a later video so keep watching the videos to find out.  Dad Ummm well if you did have a whole band right behind you I would be very happy for you, but umm I don't think that is going to happen. Check out the end of the video.  

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