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We are going to see epic things and such, so it better be good things and such. When we got to Ayutthaya, I was so glad to stretch my legs out because we were in the van for so long. The well was cool because people drop money and it has probably been going for at least five years. The candy floss stuff was really good but even better with the thin bread. The food was delicious and the papaya salad was spicy but it was excellent. I just wanted more, but I had to stop, or my mouth was going to burn. The noodles were really good too but the broth was too spicy so I just ate the dry one and took little sips of the broth. Those fish were really weird maybe the owners taught him a lot of things, so his brain grew. Why did you betray the Thai bad people? Why can't there just be peace? You're mean bad Thai betrayers.  If you are watching this, bad Thai betrayers, then you should stop! I know they died a long time ago. It's so sad that the Burmese destroyed everything in their path. Well at least the things still standing are really beautiful. The Buddha in the tree was really cool too.


We went to some temples in an ancient city and had an excellent meal. The soup was really good, and it was like the serving that we had at a restaurant named Boat Noodle in Kuala Lumpur. The Boat Noodle restaurant is a place that is based on the floating market in Thailand. The two hours that it took to get there was really boring.  If B-man weren't there, it would be super boring because I would have no one to play with. Ken showed told us about some candy floss. That candy floss was really good, and we got 3 bags of it. Dad said that it was way too much candy but not for me. I wonder how the Buddha in the tree got there and dad not to be mean or anything but you suck at singing. Don't watch the very end of the video, it is scary. 

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