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Wat Arun was pretty cool but not really anything to see except the temple complex. We got a tuk tuk to a mango sticky rice that Ken says is the best. At first, I did not know we were going to get us all in one tuk tuk, but Ken found one with an extra seat, so then I was not too worried. When we got to the restaurant, the place looked fine from the outside. We went in and ordered the smoothies, mango sticky rice, and the Pad Thai. We got the food, and it was just so good. The rice was warm and sweet. The Pad Thai had the right amount of seasoning, and all of it was just so good. Ken brought us to the perfect place. I'm happy that we got him as our guide. Then we got on the subway which was crowded and stopped by a mall to get Ayden a new shirt because it was really dirty.


We went to Wat Arun today, and it was pretty, but it is cooler that we learned that it was the capital back when the Burmese destroyed Ayutthaya. I don't think we got it on film, but we got to feed the fish, and the fish food was really cheap. It was like 10 baht for a bucket. And Ken's recommendation of Pad Thai had tofu in it. I don't tofu that much. I don't like tofu that much, but that tofu was actually delicious. It tasted like the Pad Thai that we had at Mai Lee, a restaurant in St Louis. The mango sticky rice was not that sweet, but the sweetness of the mango balanced it out.

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