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bangkok travel. boat noodles & the unseen klong


We got to the pier, found Ken and got some coffee for my mom and dad. It is good that we got a private boat because I did not want to be packed in with a bunch of other people on a boat.The locks are really cool but it takes soooooo long for it to go up and down.The klongs were so awesome and there was a lot of temples, at least like fifty. There was a lot of water monitors too and they were really cool. We stopped by to get some food because we were hungry. We got some chips, noodles and some coconut and it all was very good.


We're going on a boat tour today. 1 hour to go 5 miles is stupid, it would take 15 min to take that length of traffic on a normal day in Missouri. If you want some good coffee go to the locals because dad really liked it and its at a good price. Um yes, I think we knew that we were on a boat, dad. You didn't have to remind us.  There are 40,000 temples in Thailand - just wow and they are so nice. Whoever built those temple I want them to build my house,  they're just so awesome. Those noddles were the bomb, just so good. The banana was just awesome. The coconut was so good.  I think coconut water is really growing on me because before I hated it.

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