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thailand travel. seafood feast & wat pho

When we got to the temple, I saw that if people had too short of shorts, then they could not go in so I hoped that our shorts would be ok. The stupas were really cool because I wonder how they got it like that and how they got all the little details just right. The golden reclining Buddha was really cool too because it was SO big, but I do not think it was solid gold. The coin things looked fun, so we did it. And all the other stuff like the thai massage school was just so awesome and fun to learn about. The seafood place was really good but I thought I was not going to like it because I usually do not like seafood but It was just so good especially the clams but not the sea bass.



Well, we went to Wat Pho, and it was really cool, and that guy that was asking if we needed a guide was really persuasive. He was saying all the little things about Buddhism. Not in a million years would a guide talk about that unless you asked him.  I think that all of the gold in the world is more than enough to make that Buddha if it were solid gold. Let me look it up...............................Yep just as I thought,  all the gold in the world could be melted to make at least six them. At first, I'm like what is that clinking noise? It turns out, it was people putting coins in those little pot looking things. If you're like "I need some good food?" then Ken is the person to talk to. That dinner was excellent.  DAD, COME ON! WHY DID YOU CALL HER DUDE? ANYWAY JUST SAY WIFE OR AMY. (watch the end of the video if you don't know what I am talking about)

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