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bangkok. cool monks delicious noodles

When we got to the temple, it looked like a normal temple, but I saw things that I have never seen before.We just walked around the temple, and we found a monk, and he told us that if we donated some money we could put our names on a tile that they were going to put on the roof of the temple they were building, so we did it. The monk was really nice, and he said our shoes were beautiful.The temple was really cool too because there was REAL GOLD LEAFS and gold is really rare.The noodles and the ice tea was really good the noodles were good because it had the right amount of spice and I really like noodles and soup.The fried chicken was also really good. And... we are PRO chopstick users. Mom.



This video is filmed on the same day as the last video, but they were separated because if they were left whole, it would be a way too long of a video. I forgot the name of the temple, but it was really cool because there were so many gold leafs on that Buddha.  We met our monk friend, and when we went up to him and started talking, he said he really liked our shoes. Yes, they are unique. Get it? The shoes are from the company Keen, and the style is called Uneek. Again with the awesome help from Ken.  The noodles were so good and the right spice and most of the time when we go to locale places they seem to have better food. AND HOW DO YOU SPELL AMERICA WITH YOUR HEART? WELL ONE GUY DID IT, AND HE SAID IN THE COMMENTS THAT SOMEONE SHOULD CALL AN AMBULANCE. Watch the very end of the video if you don't know what I'm sayin. 

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