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bangkok floating market

Eating noodle soup on a boat sounded cool so I went with it and I really like noodle soup so what could go wrong? When we got to the boat dock It was not really crowded so it could not be too bad. But then it got really crowded near the marketplace. Then we got out of the crowded spot, and we spotted some mango sticky rice so we got some and it was really good. And why do people call us BABIES so many times? We are KIDS!  I think someone needs to clear that up for them. We also got some coconut ice cream that was super delicious.That old lady was really grumpy, and she had a knife so if she got a little madder then who knows what she would do with her knife.



At the start of the video, it sounds like the lady was threatening to stab him but she just pulled on his shirt, and she was just making a meal with the knife... I think. That the sticky rice and the mango were awesome and if you get a private driver, get Ken, he's really nice, and his recommendations are very good. One of them is to keep your hands inside the boat, and just like dad said it, would be a very bad day for you if you got your hand pinched. My dad spoke to late about there being like nobody there.......................AND WE ARE NOT BABY'S WE ARE GROWN KIDS!!!! 

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