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trekking the monk's trail on chiang mai's neighbor mountain - doi suthep


We are finally getting out of the house to hike, and we have not done a hike yet, so we have to do one now. When we got up all the stairs the view was really cool, it reminded me of taking off on an airplane because we were up really high. We finally found the trailhead and this trail did not start easy. We are also looking for a geocache, but it was back up the trail. We found the geocache, and it was just one of those sign your name ones. When we got to the temple, it felt peaceful, and the architecture was really impressive. The boon tea was delicious but it would be even better with boba pearls. We got picked up by a songtaew that came by so we were really lucky.


Man! Wow! Those drone shots were excellent and the music matching, it so good. The temple was very peaceful. The coffee shop was convenient. There were more people there then I thought there would be and I did not know there was a river there too. We went for a Geocache hunt, and we had a hard time finding it but we finally did. I am glad I finally got dad to get his Geocache app. The hike was exciting because we hadn't been on a hike for a long time and I really need to get out there sometimes. We had our songthaew ride, and it was fortunate as it just came by when we were walking. 

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