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chiang mai's only dual line zipline - eagle track


At first, I was a little scared that I was going to fall off the line or get stuck in the middle of it, but my dad said that it had a double line so if one line breaks the other one will not let you fall. Also, it would be crazy if it broke because it can hold a car. When we finally got to the place I was ready to get out of the van because I really needed fresh air after that ride. When we got to the zip lines, I went, and I said to my self that it was pretty fun, so I was urging everyone to get onto the next ones. When we finished I really wanted to go again, it was so fun. I will definitely be looking forward to doing ziplines again.


We went zip lining, and it only took me one week of asking to go. We finally went, and it was awesome. My favorite part was dropping down, and the climbing and the climate was amazing. This is highly recommended by me...............and like a lot more people. I don't know which one I liked more, the elephant rescue park or, the zip line. One has a lot of zip line stuff, and the other one has a lot of elephant stuff hmmm.... 483,657 years later ..... I think I like the zip line more because it had more action and it felt like I was flying. Umm, dad, your family does not have blond hair and if your going to say you don't have white hair at least put some effort into your excuse. Listen to the last part of the video. 

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