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chiang mai travel. a stroll through the saturday night market


We are going to the Saturday night market, and I am hungry. I got some corn because I have not had any corn for a long time and I really like corn, so it was the time to get some corn. My dad got some buns, and I took a nibble of them, and they are excellent. That guy playing the music was talented he must have been practicing for a long time. This place is also very crowded, and even I have to squeeze through two people sometimes. This place is also very big. So we walk to the end of a very long street then there is just more and more streets. There is also a lot of music players, and most of them have a really good beat. We also found some brownies, and it was so hard to choose, but I finally picked one, and it was delicious.


We went to a market, and it was very interesting to see all the different people. I was impressed at how many people there were. We had super yummy food, and the music was awesome. One of the main thing that tourists do that we do is probably the markets. This market was just packed, and it was so big. It felt like we were walking forever and it would just not stop.  We have had way cooler markets then this like the one in Hanoi was really cool (you will see in a later video). I prefer chewy brownies more than the cakey ones. Dad thousands of people just heard your little secret talk to mom about people being rude, so I don't think its secret anymore

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