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100 chiang mai elephant parks. why we chose this one.


We are going to the Elephant Rescue Park, and I was very excited to see the baby elephants. When we got to the Elephant Rescue Park, we put on some Thai clothes, and I really like the clothes. I think they are very stylish. When we got to the elephants, they were doing their happy dance because the food was coming. Feeding the elephants was really fun, and they were super cute. Washing the elephants was really fun, and we got them really clean. When we were done washing the elephants we had a lot of water in our boots. When we got back to the place that we started (I don't know what they call it) they made us some lunch and it was really good. They also gave us some sugar cane. This day at the elephant rescue park was so fun, and the people there were some very nice people.


We went to the elephant rescue park, and I was not planning on asking anyone a question because if I stumped them on a question.  I would not want a piece of elephant poop to bring home. Just the thought of the PHAJAAN is just not cool. How would you be in those elephants shoes and be crushed? The back story of Jeab was really sad.  These people here at the ERP know how the elephant is feeling. They understand what the elephants have gone through. The scrubbing and washing of the elephants showed their playful side because they squirted water on all of us. 

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