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chillin' in chiang mai. beer drinking tuk tuk drivers


Were in Chiang Mai now and I think it is pretty nice. You better believe that I flew the drone and I am pretty skilled don't you think? I really like the house we got because I really like my room. It has a mirror so I can do my hair every morning. It also has a desk so that I can do my school work. I also like that couch we have so I can take my day naps. The bathroom is normal for Asia, but It would not be a normal bathroom anywhere else. The tuk tuk guy that took us around Chiang Mai was really nice, and he took us to some very cool places. Then the same night we saw another tuk tuk, and he was drinking beer. I wonder if they have a law about that and if he was breaking the law. Then we waited for the grab car a little bit longer, and he got a passenger. I wonder if he made some close calls on cars or motorcycles because he was drunk.


Chang Mai is really cool so far. The first place we went was at that silk place, and it was really cool. They showed us how it was made and no wonder silk cost so much. It has all of the steps you have to do before you can even weave it and the flower pins were not even silk. Then we and we went to this place where we saw people making coated elephants and other things coated with this tree sap. I don't remember what it was called, but i do remember that it was really cool. Dad, WHY DO YOU HAVE A FREAKING BAG ON YOUR HEAD?!

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