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kuala lumpur - bangkok. sleeper train & taxi mafia

I have no problem with taking a train to Padang Besar because I like to ride trains. Wow, going through the train station there was a lot of escalators, but it was fine with me because I like escalators. The train was actually pretty nice train for public transport. When we got to the train station, it was pouring down rain, and I said to myself that I'd just have to deal with it. When we got to the Azzam Homestay, I was so ready to go to sleep. Well, it was not the best sleep, but it was something. When we got on the Thailand train, it was actually pretty nice. I had a great sleep on the train because it was rocking me back and forth.



Yeah, it was like 400000 escalators. It felt like they made an extra one for haha's. Really Mr Taxi Driver dude, 30 ringgit, at least try a little bit harder to seem like your not ripping us off. We did get it for half the price but his car wasn't that nice and very small.  I loved that part: "It's about to flip" "it flipped". Also, I was laughing my head off and when I was shaking the bag, I played it like a million times and I laughed every single one of them. I really like sleeper trains.  We have only traveled on one before this one.  Thailand was really cool and our family was really getting along, just like my dad predicted. Hey, dad are you a fortune teller ..........................what job will I have when I am older?

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