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Cemitas & The Sweet Street in Puebla, Mexico (we eat some cow hoof)


I really like going to markets. And why I like going to markets is because all the food there is hand made and fresh so therefore a lot more tasty. When we got to the restaurant in the market and ordered the food we saw this pata which is pig hoof and I didn't really like it because it was just so weird. When we got our food it was yummy but all I ate was the ham and cheese one and since I like horchata so much, I got refreshing cup horchata. Next we went to a place perfect for kids: the sweet street. There was so many sweet shops that we just had to get more and more sweets and by the time we were done our bag was full of sweets. Then we headed off on a bus back to Mexico City. 


This is the last day in Puebla and we are going to miss it here because its so comfortable and the hotel we had was so easy just to relax in. First we go get some huge cemitas and they were pretty good but I wouldn't eat cow hoof every day. Then we went to a sweet street and now thinking I’m disappointed because we didn't get anything chocolate but anyway we got some really delicious sweets and some sort of chip thingy that were churros enchiladas which were pretty spicy and a little addictive and they were kinda like Mexican junk food. Then of corse we get on the awesome bus “ADO” and we head back to CDMX, plus we ate all the sweets and I listenred to an audio book.

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