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A Mexico Must-Visit: Puebla | La Feria (Amy rides a bull) Mole Mole Mole


Ok so I like fairs and I am like fair expert and I know for a fact that this fair is a good fair to go to. Since we were hungry we found a place where we could eat. Also apparently they had aqua de Jamaica and people were recommending it so we tried it and it was really good.  The food we had was also really good. Then we went to a virtual reality ride and I never tried virtual reality before and it turned out being really weird but it was cool at the same time. Then we went to a sky train and I like them because you can see a lot out of them. Next we went to a nice restaurant and our waiter used to live in the USA so he spoke good English and he had good sense of humor. The food we ate there was so yummy it reached the top of my yummy level. Then we went to a bakery and they had really awesome pastries even if it wasn't that fresh because it was the end of the day it was still awesome. Also what was cool is that we met someone that knows us and follows us on youtube. I guess we are famous now.


After the parade we freshened up and when to La Feria. The first thing we did was that we went to a little side restaurant that had what is now my new favorite Mexican drink but to talk about the game the first sniper game we did was dumb because I wasted like 4 pellets on one pig that was intentionally held up by a piece of wood. Then that virtual reality game was awesome and so real that it made me fell woozy and made the Jamaica not sit well in my stomach. Finally for the meal, it was the best meal in Puebla that I have had because the mole was just right and the plate of food that was given to me was my favorite, mole adobo. Then we went to get some pan dulce which was awesome.

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