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Puebla, Mexico | 5 De Mayo Parade Highlights (that camera was 12' in the air for 2 hours)


We went to the Cinco de Mayo parade and one the thing I questioned is why do people in the United States celebrate Cinco de Mayo when Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday and not an American holiday. My parents said that some celebrate it because France might have invaded the US but most just celebrate it to have a party. I thought it is very convenient that our hotel was along the path of the parade so we just had to walk a little bit to get to a viewing point, when we got to the viewing point there were so many vendors selling so many different things from chairs to cool pineapple things. At the parade, there was so many army soldiers and tanks, though my favorite part were the tanks because they had big guns on top of them.


Today we went to the Cinco De Mayo parade, to start off the parade we had people from the army. I think I liked the sniper guys that had on sniper suits, mostly because I’m like being a sniper in video games. Then, there were some bands which played pretty good, especially the last band with the tubas. I mean, they must have practiced alot to perform in the parade. I didn't really think about it at that time but they take 5 de Mayo really seriously, even some of the kids. It was somewhat uncomfortable because I got a sunburn 2/3's into the parade and my dad couldn’t help me as he had to hold the camera in an awkward position because of the crowd. Though it was worth it.

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