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Getting our CRUNCH on | A Day In Puebla, Mexico (unexpected lunch visitor)


Our driver said he knows a good place to eat and we said ok take us to it. The restaurant was great place because it had awesome food but I have to say I didn't really like the cemitas. We then went to a church that was really, really pretty it was just so detailed and shiny. The constant popping and crackling, from the fireworks, was not very enjoyable because it was so loud and disturbing. 

After that we went to a park which I really liked because I got to climb on a lot of stuff. Last, we went to a Ferris wheel and I really like Ferris wheels because they are so relaxing, especially the slow ones. I have to say this was not caught on camera but when we were waiting for our driver we saw a McLaren, a porche, and a corvette stingray race by, it was awesome. 


Just saying that half the video was eating and thats what we mostly do because you guys ask for it, which I don't get because your asking to be tortured because the food always looks so awesome. I also get tortured when I watch the videos.

All the food was great, awesome and we loved them all. My fav were the cemitas, they had cheese and meat, that is the perfect combo in a sandwich. Anyway, all of us loved our meal. We then went to a church and I got my pen at a vendor outside, I still have it so I still have a chance to give it to my kids. Too bad the church was occupied by a wedding ceremony because looking beautiful from the outside, no wonder it took so long to build. Then, we  went on a Ferris wheel which was fun.

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