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Inside the Largest Pyramid on Earth [not Egypt] | Cholula (Tour guide level: 1000 )


So you already know I was excited to get to Puebla but I never knew that we were going to go inside a pyramid, I was like “This will be some the best days of my life” because we were going so many awesome places. When we got to the pyramid and went into the tunnels they looked so complicated, I was glad that they put gates on a lot of the tunnels. While walking along the paths, there were some downward steps on the side of the paths and it was kind of interesting that on those steps there were so many coins, I bet it was at least 500 pesos on each of them. Outside we went to some steps, nothing to exciting to me but our tour guide showed us that if we clapped it would make bird sound, I just thought it was really cool how it did that.


So we went to a church that was on a temple that was on a temple and another and another temple, it sounds confusing but when you have a tour guide its not. 

Our tour was actually a good one that helped us not getting bored to death. Having a humdrum tour guide will produce a bored tourist. So, I’m just going say that I have never been to a zocalo that makes a squeaking sound when you clap. 

After the tour we went up to the church but what suck is that I walked all they way up there with the 360 camera but it was not even on.

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