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To Puebla, Mexico We GO! (Asian busses ain't got nothing on Mexican busses)


I was pretty exited when I heard that we were going to Puebla because I like anywhere in Mexico that has tacos and other Mexican food, which is everywhere in Mexico.The bus that we took to get to Puebla was the nicest bus that I have ever rode on because it had foot resters and so many comfortable things in the chairs, it also had a tv so you could watch a movie while your relaxing in a comfortable seat. When we got to the hotel that we would be staying at we saw that it was a really awesome place and I wanted to stay there forever. 

We then went to a mole restaurant which had awesome mole and tacos but I did not like the soup sample.


We went on a kinda vacation, I wouldn't say that it was a vacation because our travels are for living. We went on bus which it probably the best bus I have ever been on. I liked it because I had so much feet room and also listened to a cool audio book. After we got to the hotel, which was really nice, we went to eat some mole. So I would think you would guess that we ate all of it, of course. 

When we left my mom spotted a sort of weird sweet that tasted good but then it went down hill. After that we started to walk around and went to a cathedral. 

I spotted some churros and my dad was like why not.

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