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We ❤ Coyoacan | Mexico City Travel | Tostadas & Flowers (Squirrel eats camera)


I personally love tostadas, so I was really pumped when my dad said we were going to a tostadas restaurant. When we got to the restaurant the tostadas we got were so yummy, also I got some tamarind water and it was really yummy. Then, we went to a big flower market, my mom was in her place because there was a lot of flowers. Next, we went to a park and it was really relaxing. There were also a lot of cute little squirrels. And as always we had to get some pan dulce, now this pan dulce we got at Pasteleria Caramel was very good quality. We went to a park were we could eat our pan dulce and it was really yummy.


First, we went to get some Tortas, so we had to go to the Coyoacan Market. We have been here before for the search for Chili Relleno. Today, we got some Tostadas, though they were not good at all, so we had to get all of the Tostadas out of our sight-into our mouths. Then, we went to a flower vendor park place and it was Mother’s Day so I got one of the flowers that were on the ground to give to my mom, but it broke before I could give it to her. Then, we went to a park and B-man and I did some serious sword fighting, with sticks. Of course, then we got some pan dulce and, of course, we eat it all. Dad, I agree with mom there no such thing as a Toncha. 

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