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BEST Breakfast in Mexico City (Concha Time!) | Aquarium & Soumaya Museum


What I love about this day is that we are going to El Cardenal and El Cardenal is my favorite restaurant so far in Mexico because all there food is always fresh, and as always it there is a very long line. We also found out they always have good fresh pan dulce ready for you to eat with your nata and that it goes really good with tea. When we got the nata it looked so different from the nata we had at Pastelería Suiza and it was yummier than Pastelería Suiza. The food we ordered was cooked just right and it was just fabulous. We then went to the aquarium and saw cool fish. After that we went to a museum and there was awesome stuff there. At end the day of we got tacos al pastor


First, we went to El Cardenal and, yeah, I have to agree with Dad that their conchas are awesome and to add on to the awesomeness we got super fresh nata, from their own farms. Ok, the wait time for El Cardenal is a one hour wait time and, ohh boy, it was worth it. I wish they had served the Molcajete dish we had last time we came to El Cardenal. Dad almost cried from how delicious it was. What I thought was funny is that the pastry that I got disappeared before I could have it with the nata but it disappeared. B man and dad were so kind to let me to have a bit of theirs. Then we go to the museum of this rich guy and WOW he has some cool stuff. Also, we went to the aquarium which was cool because they had turtles and finally we got some TACOS.

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