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tearing up Vang Vieng, laos. buggy cars. blue lagoons


We are going to go the Blue Lagoons today but not in a car, tuk tuk or on a scooter, we are going by dune buggies. I was super excited because riding in one looks indeed fun. When we got to the buggy renting place, we got the helmets and the buggies and started on out. We arrived at Blue Lagoon #1, and there was a lot of people but not much there to do. Then we got to Blue Lagoon #2, and it was SOOOOO much nicer because it was bigger, had a little raft that you could go on. Also, it had food vendors in case you were hungry. So how do you like dem apples Blue Lagoon one makers?


Today we went to the Blue Lagoons, and we got to have a lot of swimming time because we have not gone to the river and swim.  We have not gone swimming for like 3 weeks. I wish we had gone to Blue Lagoon #3 because it looked so exciting, especially the zip line. Also, there was a balancing thing that you would have the foam mace looking thing, and you would hit the other person into the water.  We still had so much fun at Blue Lagoons #1 and #2. I like Blue Lagoon #2 more because it had this one jump-off platform that was like 25 feet in the air and how deep it made you go was awesome.  The pants ripping part is actually true, but mom only giggled dad she didn't like laugh laugh at you, but I did.

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