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dizzying bus travel in Laos. luang Prabang to vang vieng


We are going to Vang Vieng today, and I think we are going to have a super bus. Well, something went wrong, and we got a really cramped bus, and the weavy windy roads made it even worse. We stopped at a rest stop so we could stretch our legs and maybe buy something. Then we stopped at a lunch stop, and my dad and mom got some soup and me, and Ayden just got rice because we had some snacks at the rest stop. Then we got to Vang Vieng, and there was only one tuk tuk at the bus station so we had to cram as many people in as we could. We were the last people to get to our place, and when we got there, it was a pretty good house.


Bye, bye Luang Prabang. This town was really fun a relaxed and we weren't in a rush at all. All the food and the smoothies get 5 stars from all of us, and the blue house was the best house we have had yet. No bobby stop it!!! He's chasing the mouse. Bobby and I are so alike. Today I was eating some bread, and he was trying to get it. One time I had it in my mouth, and he jumped on my face to get it, but he didn't scratch me. When he is sleeping, it's so cute. Anyways... the bus ride I kinda expect it, and well, there were times where I almost puked. On the bright side, the soup that we had at lunch was really good. Another good thing is that I got a lot of progress on my Minecraft.

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