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We are going to Kuang Si falls, and it is like the most touristy thing in Luang Prabang, so I won't be surprised if we see lots of tourists there. We have a very loud temple right next to our house so it is hard for us to go to sleep and it wakes us up really early. When we got in the tuk tuk, the exhaust, so it made us feel weird. When we finally got done with the tuk tuk ride to the falls, it felt so good to get some fresh air. Then when we got to the spring it had very clear water. Then there was a part where it was really muddy, but it just led to a big wall. We took another path, and it went into another path that was more used then it went to the falls, and it was really cool. We went to a cave, and it was really cool, and it had a rope swing which was fun to swing on. Then we got to the food, and there was this log that if you walked across it, you could get a bag of chips, and a coke and Ayden did it, but he did not get those stuff because he re-tried so many times.


It's our fifth day in Luang Prabang, and this is probably one of our best videos. Just so you know, I totally did it on the first try on the balancing log. I just wanted to add a little effect...yeah... that's what I totally did ... , The cave was awesome, and the swing was so cool because for a second I thought I was floating because you could not see the string holding me up....................Bobby stop! Oh sorry, we are fostering some cats, and when I'm typing he is getting on the keyboard and chasing the mouse, but I can't get mad at him because he is so cute. And people just saying that voice and the end of the video was dad just saying if you didn't know.

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