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luang Prabang: not going to cross that bridge again


We are just going to find some geocaches and do stuff. Yah, you heard me I did say stuff and I can if I want to, and you cant stop me - MUH HA HA HA. We saw a bridge so we went on it and I saw it every other time we walked by it. It cost like 5000 kip, so not so much. There was not much there so we just kept going. That bridge was so unstable, and it did not really have the geocache, so that was a bummer, but there was another geocache so we were hoping that we would find that one. Yay, we found a geocache it was stuck in the top of the sign. I saw it before, but I thought it was just a big bottle cap, but it actually was the geocache.


Today is the third day in Luang Prabang, and it was a get-out day so we could get off the screens and walk and see places.  I always ask to go Geocaching, and that is what we did. It was enjoyable, and those kids did not know that they are in the town square and if they did pick on that guy they would draw a whole bunch of attention. Plus, Karma is always with you.  The bamboo bridge was so cool, and I wonder how many people go on it a day. After a lot of walking, we made it to the park, and we found the geocache and by that time we were all hungry.

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