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Well, it is our second day in Luang Prabang, and I had super good sleep last night in that big comfortable bed. My mom got us some breakfast, and it did not cost any money because she just reached out the window and got a papaya off the tree right next to our house. When we got a tuk tuk and went to town it was a real bummer that the museum was closed, I was really looking forward to it. By then we were kinda hungry so we got some smoothies, and some bread and the bread was excellent since this is a French colonial town. But that was not enough food for our bellies so we stopped by an actual restaurant to get some food. When we got to Mount Phusi there was a lot of stairs, and it was very tiring, but when we reached the top, there was a really good view. When we were going down, there was this big gun thingy that was really cool. It took us a long time to get down the mountain because there was a lot of ways to go down and some did not go all the way down but we finally found a way down, and I was ready to go home.


The second day in Luang Prabang and happy new year... well late happy new year. It was crazy last night. At 10:00 p.m they were setting off fireworks for an hour, and it was like a party so that night we did not have the greatest sleep.  Too bad the museum was closed, that would have been so cool because learning about the history here is really fun. Also, the bread here is awesome, but I still want to live in Italy because I like spaghetti and Mario is Italian and who does not like playing Mario and racing all the time. I still can't get past the first level in the first Mario game. About the last part of the, you do have ear hair.

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