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1st-day travel in luang prabang, laos. crazy good sandwiches & haircuts


Well, we are in Luang Prabang, and we got a great place. The place we got for Luang Prabang was really nice because It had a big water heater and big very comfortable beds. It also had a very big upstairs that you could do anything in, and it had a huge balcony, bigger than I have ever seen. We walked down the road a little bit, and we found a tuk tuk and went to the market. I also have a scarf that we bought at this market the night before that day. We got some sandwiches, and they were delicious. We also got some smoothies, and I got a passion fruit as always. We stopped by a haircut shop, and we got me and Ayden's haircut.  I like my new haircut even better than having long hair. It helps with telling if I am a girl or a boy because some Uber and Grab drivers have made that mistake since we have been on this trip.


Our first day in Luang Prabang was excellent. The blue house is the coziest house we have had, and the bathtub was awesome. The beds were not to my liking, but that is not going to ruin our awesome house. The main thing to this house that destroys all of the bad stuff is that it had a recliner. There was only one house on this trip that beats this, but that is in a later video. The bread here is so cheap but so good.  People say I should go to France because it has excellent bread, but I want to live in Italy because I think every year they order 57,000 crates of oranges and they do the biggest food fight in the world.

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