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luxury mekong river cruise in laos - day 2


Well, its morning and I am ready to get back on the boat. We got on the boat and went down the Mekong a little bit, then stopped at a village to just see it and maybe buy something. As soon as we got off the boat, we got bombarded by bracelet selling kids. Calvin & Ayden got one. We got into the village, and there was a bunch of animals and Ayden got a baby duck, and it was so cute. My mom and Ayden got a scarf but I could not because my dad did not have enough baht, so I had to wait until we found another vendor sometime. I was starving by that time, and it is good that they gave us lunch, and it was excellent. We stopped by a cave, and there was a lot of Buddhas not really anything else to see except a lot of Buddhas. I really wish that I could have that happy feeling that I felt on that boat every day because playing with Calvin. He was really fun.


Another trip on the Mekong and the boat cruise is just a calm and enjoyable. The other kids there were really fun and not one moment was boring. The cruise is something to never forget. I will remember it forever . The cave of a thousand Buddhas really shows how people are into Buddhism.  There were so many Buddhas, and that little trek that mom and dad, I didn't don't know was there. I was looking for them, but now I know where they went, and The village was one of those towns that rely on tourists and the kids even try to sell bracelets to get money for themselves.  Dad gnomes are cute, don't hate.

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