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We are in Vientiane and today we are going to go to a lot of places. We are also renting a car to go to every place, so we don't have to get a tuk tuk everywhere. The place we got on Airbnb is a pretty nice place, but the down thing about it is it has hard beds but it got fixed so then it makes it good again. So we went to the temples, and they were pretty awesome then we went to the great stupa, and it was just big gold gorgeousness. Then we went to the victory monument and there is said to be a geocache there, and there was, and we found it but we did not have a pen, so we asked another person if they had one and they did so she let us borrow hers, and she asked to take a picture with me so I did but just because she let us borrow her pen.


Well this is our final video, and I really liked Laos it was fun, and it was relaxing. We had a lot of action packed time mostly because of Laos #7 because we went to Kuang Si falls. That girl that sacrificed herself was shocking, and I know that people really like there religion but did you really have to kill yourself? The temples designs on all of them are so pretty, and they really put a lot of effort into their temples. The Great Stupa is another way they showed that they love their religion. Mom, I like dads haircut, and he does not look like a shaved cat, like, he's a human. Not a cat does not look like a cat.

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