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luxury mekong river cruise in laos - day 1


Well, we are in Laos on the Mekong, and I really like it. Going down the Mekong on this boat is so relaxing because it is quiet and cozy. It is also a good time to read a book. I also made a friend on the boat his name is Calvin - I think I am spelling that right because it is the regular spelling. He is very nice, and he is not shy to just go up to a kid and make friends. I am kinda shy sometimes to do that. We got to Pak Beng, got to our hotel, found our room and put up our stuff. We then and went out to eat. We found a place, and it had a beautiful view. I think we ordered too much food, but it was delicious. And tomorrow we are going to cruise down the Mekong again, and I just want to do it every day.


This is a first. We went on a boat lots of room and all you can eat fruit. There we plenty of kids there and it was a whole lot of fun.  It was so worth the money. I thought it would be like a cruise with one of those big boats but its cozy little one. I don't know which one I like more, but I'm giving the trip an 11/10., yeah. It was such a good time it deserves more than great. There were the two kids from Italy, and we played chess. They bought the chess set it in Thailand, but they didn't really know how to play it,  so I taught them. Dad dirt+water is in fact mud, not a joke .

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