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I like going to night markets because there is a lot of new foods there and I like to try new things especially ones that look good and tasty. There were so many vendors it was so hard to pick because you see this one thing and you want it, but you want to see if there is any more stuff that you like, but then you see something else you want, but you keep walking, then you change your mind about that thing, so you try to find the first thing that you saw, but then you can't find it.m All those things happened to me, and it was frustrating. My dad got some samosa and some potato things. We also got some milk tea which was really good. Now that I watch this video I saw that the something that I forgot I wanted was corn because I really like corn. But I gave up looking for it and settled out with some chicken and rice. I was so hungry after all the walking that it felt so good to get home sit down and eat some food.



Today we went to a night market, and I'm still amazed how much poo that snail pooped and how much it moved. He's a hard-working snail! The food was awesome. We enjoyed most of the food, and I really liked mine. The sauce with the rice was really good. To the person that made it: if you see this you're getting 5 stars from me. All of it was an excellent price, and the chicken was really yummy too. The other time we went I got a real malay cuisine hot dog. Yeah you probably never heard of it so you should try it and it's really good.

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