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bukit tabur west hike. kuala lumpur. beautiful & dangerous

I like hiking a lot, but I did not like this trail because it was so bumpy and ridgey. Where we lived in the US, the trails have switchbacks that make it easier.  Later on, hiking up the trail it got easier, so then it became boring. And I don't know if you heard the horrible screeching noise, but I definitely did. It was like cheese grating my ears ( inspiration from my dad ). When we got to the lookout point, it was a really good view because we could see Petronas towers and KL tower. But when we got to the real top it was an even better view than before because you can look down on everything except the other peaks. And we were really hungry so the first stop after we get all the way down the mountain is somewhere to eat.



This was a super cool hike!  We had not been to that many hikes lately, so it was really cool. But I think the Kelingking beach hike was cooler, but this one was still really cool. That lake was really cool, and it would feel so good right then to go for a swim.  Those drone shots were fantastic. I can't believe that people have died on that trail.  I think I'm going to do the whole trail when I grow up and I'm going to film it to show my mom and dad. Did you see the end of this video? Yeah dad, what the heck is a butt dial?  I think my dad is going insane and when I said that dad was not that crazy, I take that back.

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