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batu caves. kuala lumpur malaysia

I was excited to go to Batu caves because I like caves a lot. Where we lived in the United States, there is the biggest caves and the worlds biggest stalactite. It is huge! It can be seen in two caves because it stretches all the way through the rock to two caves if that makes it a little bit clearer. I also liked that we are taking a train because I love trains. We had to stop by KL central to get on another train, but it did not come for a little while, and we were hungry, so we got some food at burger king. When we got to the Batu caves, we got some bricks and some pails and went up the stairs. When we got to the top, we went inside the cave, and it was really cool. It could be a secret base where a helicopter could come in. There was also a lot of monkeys. They were more hostile than the ones at the Bali monkey park, and there were some smaller monkey babies.



I can't believe how much that snail pooped. Well besides that we to the tram and it was really fun. When your at the front of the train it looks so cool. There were more monkeys there than you saw in the video. There was one that jumped down when I was on the stairs and I almost fell. There was a shop with a lot of shiny things and I asked the owner if the monkeys ever take some of his souvenirs. He said that the monkeys did not want them and he said that the monkeys only liked the food but the monkeys at the monkey forest in Ubud, Bali liked food and shiny things. Next to the big cave that you saw in the video there was a bat cave called the Dark Cave. We went on a tour with a tour guide but the video was geting so long so we didn't add it in. Plus it was really dark in there. 

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