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kuala lumpur. eating up that bak kut teh

I was super excited to go to the bak kut the place at first, but when we got there for the first time and tried it, we really did not like it. But the braised pork was really good, but we did not get it on film, so that is the reason that we are going to the bak kut teh place again. This time we got some more stuff like the bitter gourd and it was really bitter. We got the braised pork again which was good as always. We got the bak kut teh again and it was a lot better because we put some soy sauce in it.



We just had the third traditional food you can eat in Malaysia. 1st - roti canai, 2nd - nasi lemak and now the bak kut teh. My choice is probably roti because I love bread, you know me. The only thing that surpassed that was the was the nasi lemak that we at Muhammed's house. We're talking about bread here! So that means that the nasi lemak has to be worth something, like something big! Also, the roti place had a really good sweet (roti tisu) that we ate on our 3rd time going there. We didn't film it because we would make your mouth water like crazy and we would get a lot dislikes. Lol.

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