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kuala lumpur. eating up that nasi lemak

I like trying new foods so I was excited to try nasi lemak, the national dish. But when we got there it was so busy so we had to wait in line for a long time. When we were finally close to ordering we saw stuff like kopi o and tea o but luckily the people in front of us knew English and taught us what it was. When we got our food I took a bite of the chicken and it was so good. The people who make the chicken really know what they are doing. When I had a bite of the rice itself it was pretty good but when I took a bite of the rice and the sambal it was sooooo.................I don't want to be mean but it was so bad because it was WAY too fishy and WAY too spicy after that I just relied on my tea ice to fill me up.



In my opinion, the nasi lemak that we had the family house, later on, was the best meal that we had.  They're professionals! I was so glad we went there. A random tourist comes into your house - its quite funny if you think about it but not if they were a robber, that would suck! Compared to the nasi lemak that we had at the family's house the nasi lemak at nasi lemak Tang Lin was nothing. I have now said this for the 54353453543354 time, but it is true - that nasi lemak was sooo good. I could say so much stuff about this video, but I need to go to bed.

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