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kuala lumpur eating up that roti canai

When I went outside to wait for the grab car, it was pouring down rain, and I was like "why is it raining?" It did not rain the two days before that. We had to bring out the umbrellas, and the grab car driver said it was the rainy season now, so then it made sense. This tea tarik thing was good too because I really like tea with sugar and milk in it.The roti canai was really good too and my favorite sauce to dip it in was the chickpea sauce I really like chickpeas because my seed to table (some know it as plant to table) teacher grew some chickpeas in the school garden and let us have some, and I really liked it. But I did not really like that roti valentine it was too eggy vegtabley.I said I liked it but not really.



We're eating dat roti canai and it is one of the main dishes in Malaysia. We went there another time after we filmed this video they did not open even after 30 mins after it was supposed to. So we left, and dad said were never going there again. But, after editing this video and watching it, he saw we were eating it and it reminded him it was sooo good. Then he said we have to go there again because we like it so much and we went 2 more times. That is how good that place is! You know,  I really want some roti canai right now. That tea that we had was delicious. If you wanted to have some good food, really cheap and the best tea in 2017 ................. WAIT IT'S 2018... then best tea in 2018... then go here. 

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