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That first part of the video with the drone shots and the time lapse of us working out was really cool. It was cooler than actually being there because all it is when you are actually there, there is a bunch of whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrring and pant pant panting. Anyways, I really like the apartment because I have my own room, it has good wifi, it has a tv and it has hot water. It has a table to do our school work on.  We do three workbook pages and ten online lessons. Ayden & I both think it is harder being homeschooled and online schooling than at school where we can get away with things. I'm not saying that I did get away with stuff, I actually was the best kid in class. Ayden and I made a deal with my mom and dad that if we got all our lessons done we got to have an hour of screen time.



I really like our villa. It was one of our best villas because it had hot water, it had a recliner, it had an awesome pool and a gym. We had our own rooms! How can it get any better? Those drone shots were amazing and I did not know that Kampung Warisan was so big. We're so close to the highway but you cant hear it and when I'm trying to read my book its easy and I don't get interrupted by cars or just the city. Happy Christmas Eve everyone, hope you have a merry, merry Christmas everyone or a happy Hanuka or those who don't even celebrate Christmas then have a happy normal day

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