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When I heard Ayden say he wanted to go to the aquarium I was excited because I love animals. On my top favorite animals sea animal are somewhere up there but not in 1st place. Of course, do you want to know what is in the 1st place? Well if you don't, I'll tell you a riddle. I'm furry and fluffy and a great pet. I'm sneaky and stealth and mean when wild. What am I? It's A CAT! Anyways, let's get back to the real stuff. Ayden turned 11 that day, and I am 9 that day, and I am STILL 9 right now. I won't be 10 for at least another 5 months Ayden is always 1 or 2 years older than me all the time. When we got inside the aquarium, Ayden pet a crab. I tried to touch a fish but it is to fast to touch. I really liked that thing that you could crawl under in the sea otter tank and go in that bubble to see it up close. The archerfish fish are really cool because it shoots a stream of water to get the spider or something down into the water so it can eat it. Then we went to the walkalator it was really cool. We saw this fish that looked so weird and funny and a fish that looked like a unicorn mixed with a fish. It was cool to see that manta ray eat that fish. My dad likes to make up weird funny names for anything like zed and old man Mckenry. Ayden really really likes bread or anything that has to do with bread so since he is the birthday boy he gets what he wants so we went to a bakery because he wanted to.



IT'S MY B DAY!!!!! AND I'M 11 YEARS OLD, DOUBLE ONES. Today was AWESOME, we went to the aquarium, and I really wanted to see some turtle, and I did! We went in that bubble thing where we could see the sea otters, and I wonder if the sharks ate any kids? Hey, dad could be right. He isn't that crazy you know :). They had to call it the walkalator even though it is not even a real word, but it was creative I have to give them that. On the walkalator, I saw a turtle!!! There was this one fish that looked like a unicorn. I'll ask my mom what it is. Me:"hey mom what was that unicorn fish that we saw at the aquarium?" Mom: "I don't remember." Me: "I'll just look it up" ...type...type...type.. its called a Naso and no it is not a Narwhal, it's a whale, not a fish.

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