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goodbye kuala lumpur. forgotten condo tour

We are leaving Kuala Lumpur, and I am really sad because Kuala Lumpur was a really cool place. It had a lot of malls that we could just explore but could not see all of the things and shops that were inside it. Another thing that I will miss is the great WIFI the WIFI was really really good. The Orion building was really nice.  I liked the Orion more than the Kampung Warisan because the Orion had more comfy beds, better WIFI and it was a highrise and I like to be high up. Also when we cleaned the condo to make it nice for the next people, I am a big help because I like to keep things clean. If you walk into Ayden's room and walk into my room, mine will be cleaner.



We're leaving KL.  ;(  I'm really going to remember this trip and I wish I could come here again.  KL is a great place to stay and excellent food. It's a big city and very good prices on places to stay, and people are so nice and inviting. The twin towers are so cool their stainless steel. If you like shopping, there is a lot, like 5564564564647747466 malls. The most memorable thing is going to the Muhammed's family's house. They are so nice. We just meet him for 20 mins, and we were invited to his house, wow. 

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