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best nasi lemak in kuala lumpur. pure malay hospitality

At first, I did not want to go to the Malay home, but when I got there, I said to my self that it was not so bad and, I started to make friends. When the food started to come I was ready to eat because I did not have anything that morning so I was starving. The food was excellent, and the pandan rice with the sambal was great because the sambal was not too spicy or fishy. The chicken was the BEST chicken I have ever tasted. The sticky rice was really good too because it was sweet. And we also had some tea tarik which was good, as always, and we had grape juice. We also had some hard boiled egg, and I love hard boiled egg. Then for dessert, there was this banana porage thingy and some durian porage that you dip bread into, but I did not try it, but when I watch this video I wish I tried it because my dad makes it look so good.



Finally! The day where we had the legendary nasi lemak, the nasi lemak that has the taste of an......OK I DON'T HAVE ANY WORDS THAT CAN DESCRIBE IT. Wait, I could not describe it because words can not describe its yummyness .................. it's hard to type because I'm looking at the TV because there is soccer game on and we are in Vietnam and they are in the finals. Back to the video, the kids at the house were very nice a playful and they should make a restaurant because it's so good and looking at this video I want to go there again.

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