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ramly burgers. broga hill. wild jungle zebras in kuala lumpur

We are finally going out for a hike because we have to get out of the condo to get some fresh air. We are taking the public transport again, and it is no problem for me because I like trains. They are fun to ride. I also like escalators, so going to the train station is really fun. When we got on the MRT, it was way nicer than the LRT and way bigger than the LRT. My dad says the MRT is fancy schmancy. We stopped by to get some snacks from that vendor, and all of the food was good except the Ramly burger because it had chili sauce on it. The jungle zebra thing was really funny. I bet you that whole time he was quiet, he was thinking of ridiculous things to say like jungle zebras. The hike was easy at first, but then near the top, it got more ridgey. When we finally reached the top, it was an awesome view and probably more open view than Bukit Tabur.



Overall this day was so cool. I said overall because I did not like the Ramly burgers. They were too cold but if they were hot I would liked them more. We used the metro today and it was really cool and the bean pies were so good too. I really like those drone shots. lol. I think I like that hike more than the Bukit Tabor hike and yes I do like life and chicken but I do not like the loud closing door sound. In the train station, I saw a fan company called "Big As# Fan Company" and it was a big as# fan. 

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