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petronas towers. avoiding the curse in kuala lumpur

Guys don't believe my dad sometimes, he might just be joking when you think he is serious, like when he was talking about the FAKE Petronas towers curse. First I thought he was being true, but then I was like no, he is joking. When we got to the Petronas towers, I was so excited to go in it because I like to be in high places and look down on everything. When we went inside, we took a really skinny escalator.  Skinnier than I've ever seen. It was a real bummer that me and Ayden got stickers and my mom and dad got lanyards, so we made a protest against it. When we got to the sky bridge, it was so cool that we could look down on things. And the telescope at the top was cool to see things closely when you were far away.



We went to the twin towers today, and the curse is not the only reason that we went to the twin towers. It was really cool. Dad, how is your sense of smell so good? I'm like amazed how strong your nose is.  Jk. Really dad? Cilantro on a taco? That does not even sound good on a taco but a taco sounds really good right now, and I'm not even hungry. When I'm hungry, I usually think everything sounds good.  Setia Sky is a meany. You just had to build it right in front of us that know we cant see the twin towers. When I look up at the towers when I'm right below it, it makes me dizzy because they are so tall. It was cool that we could see the people working on the buildings. 

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