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chow kit market kuala lumpur. in search of jackfruit

I don't really like jackfruit that much, but my mom absolutely loves it. It is her favorite fruit especially ones soaked in honey then sit for a day or two. When we got to chow kit market, it was way different than I thought it would be because I thought it would look like a bunch of tents on both sides of the street and the street ends blocked off. Once we got in the market, it was just a bunch of fishy bad smells coming at my face, and if you were watching carefully, you would see that I covered my nose.There is just a bunch of different stuff, and you might find a goat head vendor right next to a fruit vendor. We finally found the jackfruit, and we got some other goodies too.



We went to a Chow Kit market today, and it was really cool except for the goat head and the stinky fish smell.  I really don't like fish, so it was awful for me.  I love crab and lobster, but I do not like fish. I kind of like squid but only in soup. You know want is funny? I'm eating jackfruit right now. The jackfruit that we got in this video was too ripe, and we bought so many also. :(. Well, we live and learn. The one that I am eating right now is a little too ripe, but it is still good. At the end of the video that was not really a joke, dad. That was a fact. A pizza is cheesy there is a difference between a joke and a fact. 

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