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Things to do in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 2019

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I can't believe we got in the wrong car. Daniele must've been living in another one of the villas or in cafe locca. I was really excited about going to Kuala Lumpur because it is a really big city and big cities have lots of things to do like explore a mall or take a public transportation like a sky train or something. Another thing that is good about a big city is that it has really good WIFI. When we got to the Kuala Lumpur Airport we were so tired. My dad got some Malay Ringgit and I thought it was not worth that much. I thought it was only like 70 cents so I asked if I could have one, but it ended up being at least 15 dollars. When we got to our Airbnb I almost fell asleep standing! I did not go to sleep standing I went to bed of course but all you really need to know is that I had good sleep.



First day in Malaysia. Our plane trip wasn't so bad. We watched an awesome movie called King Arthur Legend of the Sword on the plane. It was awesome, and it was so cool. Later on, we watched it again on a movie night in our villa at the Kampung Warisan in Kuala Lumpur. We didn't see the whole movie on the plane because the plane was really short. I was so anxious to get in our villa this night because I was so tired and the WiFi there was great, so we didn't have to get sims all the time and even better then that is we got our own rooms:-D

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